The Fortune Practice 3

A story continued..

Alex was waiting nervously for her interview. How many people were being interviewed? What were they going to ask her? Of course, she had to believe she could get the job to do well at interview , but she thought it highly unlikely. Whilst she was waiting, she read Mike Dixon’s letter about the myths of commissioning, the article which a couple of days ago had seemed naïve, patronising and possibly deluded suddenly felt very comforting! She was ushered into the interview room. The panel was the CCG chair, the operating officer and Mavis who used to be a receptionist at Alex’s training practice….well, well , well……

Abi Dark, also salaried GP at the Fortune Practice was at home. Her eldest daughter was off school  unwell , Abi was distracted   doing her appraisal. As usual with Abi, she was doing everything last minute and fudging things a bit. Today was a pain though. She had to migrate her toolkit to  Clarity , make up some PUNS and DENS, get together all her certificates and scan them in as well as somehow prepare for her own interview. Luckily her interview was after the NAPC/NHS Alliance conference, she was looking forward to that. Her daughter looked at her with seething hatred

“ I don’t know why you bothered getting the day off work today…you don’t want to look after me.. why can’t I see a proper doctor anyway?”

Abi didn’t really have the patience to deal with all this and it wasn’t long till they slipped into a blazing row, exactly the same as they always did…

Eventually, her daughter painfully screamed about  how much she missed  her dad, how Abi drove him out as soon as she finished using him when the kids were young. She wished she could live with him and not be dependent on her mum…

Abi screamed “go and live with him then, then see if he pays for you and your sistser  to do ballet and music and extra tuition by trying to sell his paintings on the street”

Abi’s daughter gave up screaming there was no point , it never changed anything….her mum was crazy, her dad wanted to work, but Abi had ruined his career by prioritizing her own

Alex got through the interview stage…next ,the election…all she cared about was that she would get more votes than Abi….

The Health Care and Social Services Bill had at the very least been devisive


About dralex007

I'm a female Salaried GP at the Fortune Practice. Helen Gould and Prakash Mehrotra are the partners. Abi Dark is my salaried GP colleague. I am into fitness, travel and film.I live with my boyfriend Andrew who is from the states.
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3 Responses to The Fortune Practice 3

  1. janeywriter says:

    Interesting stuff – some of it a little technical for me, but starting to grasp the doctors’ dilemmas and the battles they face. The flawed characters feel real.

  2. mikhalisg says:

    Now Mavis has got some stories to tell I bet. Interviews are all about confidence, rapport and knowing that you don’t have to have a serious answer to “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. Mavis must have pitched that one.

  3. joe1970 says:

    Some interesting questions being asked. I’m looking forward to hearing the answers!

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