The Fortune Practice 5

A story continued from previous about life at the Fortune Practice…

Abi waited for her interview; she felt  alive with a fervor after watching Andrew Lansley speak confidently, amongst his friends…Her, it had to be said, very pretty eyes were shining with that light…that non engaged light…reminiscent of people enthused by cults….

She was desperate to finish her training in minor surgery…one day she would get her provider’s licence. Everything seemed a bit in disarray at the moment in transition but hey, if the worse came to the worst she’d get a job with a private company and work that way…she had mouths to feed… she for one was glad the NHS had been destroyed… it certainly liberated her interests! And she would still be working under the logo of the NHS… a great brand…respected worldwide.

She entered the room;

“The reason I would like to be on the CCG is that…I believe that competition amongst providers will improve  health care   to my patients…I believe that putting GPs in charge of the services we offer to patients means that we can cut through the layers of bureaucracy we have complained about for so long..”

Abi had never seen that look on Mavis’s face before…Abi must have roused some interest…

“What would you say of fragmentation, inability to gather data, concerns over education…loss of quality and equity…conflicts of interests…the destruction of the trust at the heart of the doctor patient relationship ” asked Mavis

“Oh” said Abi “ I prefer to be pragmatic…. work things out as I go along..”

Abi didn’t get through the interview stage ….Alex and her boyfriend Andrew couldn’t help but titter!

They wouldn’t have been doing so if they knew what Alex was in for…


About dralex007

I'm a female Salaried GP at the Fortune Practice. Helen Gould and Prakash Mehrotra are the partners. Abi Dark is my salaried GP colleague. I am into fitness, travel and film.I live with my boyfriend Andrew who is from the states.
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One Response to The Fortune Practice 5

  1. mikhalisg says:

    The NHS is still a great brand. It’s like the queen, the weather, the BBC. No NHS, no Britain. No Diamond Jubilee. Moaning about the NHS, like the weather [like the queen] can’t be a national pass time – it’s too important!!!

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