The Fortune Practice 8: Strike? 2

Dr. Prakash Mehotra,  GP Partner with Dr. Helen Gould, the founding partner of the Fortune Practice was thinking about how to contain and translate his thoughts before meeting with Helen and Donald, their practice manager.

Helen and Donald  were long term platonic lovers,  but you would know that if you had been following this story….

Prakash wanted the Practice to strike to mark it’s objection to the current government.

That was it. It would have been illegal to strike over the Health Care and Social Services Bill, this was the professions last vent of protest…

Prakash:“ the reason for my discontent, and my reason for striking is not about pensions. …that is a laughing stock and adds to the catalogue of our union’s misdemeanors in recent times” he said…. “I want the patients to know that I object to the passage of the Health Care and Social Services Bill, the Bill that destroyed the NHS. I want the patients to know that I fought that as hard as I could including striking against this government”

Helen was demure “I will not take industrial action that may harm patients”

“ We are a stable practice that delivers excellent continuity of care, we know our patients well….we can offer an on call emergency service only…if the patients knew they were opposing  the abolition of the NHS, they would support us, the public love the NHS, they don’t know it’s gone, it is our job as doctors to inform them”

Helen, like many of the profession was a conservative , paternalistic pragmatist…

“I do not support strike action, we have seen many changes in our careers, we have got through them and served our patients well…we just need to keep calm and carry on”

Prakash was fuming with anger. The Government had ploughed on with it’s changes under the passionate and deluded Lansley, they had buddied themselves with the arms of the profession most set to benefit from the changes and of course , class and society being what it was…these alliances had reached the highest courts in the land….The speed with which they had passed the Bill meant that there was no time for the public to get involved, despite the efforts of KONP and other groups and on their way they had wielded their keenest weapon…the divide and conquer sword..

With this tool they had divided the profession, and forced the even the Liberal Lords to bow out of the battle, to maintain their power in the coalition..and thus Her Majesty had to let the NHS fall out of the jewels that adorned her Jubilee Crown.

“When you are from a country that has no NHS, when you have seen what the NHS is for a nation, that is when you fight for it and love it so much” said Prakash

“ I am not for turning on this matter” said Helen “ My patients need me too much and after all the strike is about pensions, not the abolition of the NHS, ”

And so Donald lowered his love filled eyes and so Helen’s matriarch like demeanour won the day. The Practice would not be striking on the 21st of June. So how would Prakash and may be Alex? play their next card?


About dralex007

I'm a female Salaried GP at the Fortune Practice. Helen Gould and Prakash Mehrotra are the partners. Abi Dark is my salaried GP colleague. I am into fitness, travel and film.I live with my boyfriend Andrew who is from the states.
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