The Fortune Practice 9: Happy Birthday NHS

A story continued from life at The Fortune Practice:

Alex awoke in a cold sweat….she had been having a dream that she was living in the nation she had always feared, a nation where the press was no longer free, where the government were autocratic and corrupted by their rich and powerful friends. A nation where kindness and sympathy were gone. A nation where even the conservative notion of paternalism had been banished….

In fact, Alex was not asleep , she was in morning surgery wondering how she was going to deal with her patient, abused as a child , non educated and debilitated. How  was he going to contribute to society more than he already did (he was doing his best in the voluntary sector) on his benefit cuts…and what harm to his health poverty would bring.

Meanwhile, time was pushed she had a CCG meeting to go to and documents to read, after carefully filing her results and reading and actioning her post….

Prakash was at home with his family, it was his wife’s birthday, somehow this year he had forgotten the date of the party they had arranged for her which both his children would be attending. His daughter , Seema, an endocrine registrar at a teaching hospital seemed equally non centered….perhaps it was because of the doom that overhung her, hearing on the grape vine that her trust was also to be engulfed by the private sector…Prakash and his daughter were desperate to talk to each other across the mechanics of the candle blowing…How was the vocation of the profession going to survive against the media backlash over pensions, the more excessive work they were having to do, the activism they had to be a part of , the weakening of their union and most important, still have enough energy to meet, greet and treat every patient with care and dignity…and then in the back of Prakash’s  mind was his son…a talented but depressed dancer…he had to keep up his duties to him too…

Helen was at home doing her Yoga practice, she was coming to the end , where sometimes her mind jumped to the realities she had to face.

She could not deliver anymore, nor did she want to…the NHS was over. Prakash was fighting still and Alex was  involved with the practice development in the “new world”. She wanted to leave it to them now to carry on, she had done her bit, contributed to the health of the nation by serving her 5000 patients well, through countless family crises.

She had no qualms about what she had done in her career. Only a few lives were blessed and her carreer had been by the birth of the NHS today 5/7/48. She wished she could replicate herself, be born again and live on to fight the endless political battles….her time was over…perhaps her son..?

Meanwhile Roy, our disabled diabetic  was thinking about the life of the NHS , birthday today 5/7/48-20/3/12



About dralex007

I'm a female Salaried GP at the Fortune Practice. Helen Gould and Prakash Mehrotra are the partners. Abi Dark is my salaried GP colleague. I am into fitness, travel and film.I live with my boyfriend Andrew who is from the states.
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